Our Teachers

The music professionals we hire have a passion for teaching! There is something incredible about the transformation of a student brand new to music into someone who understands and appreciates music, and has the skill to express it. True teachers find this journey fascinating. They possess kindness and patience, with their words and example are able to ignite the enthusiasm and inspiration to practice, they are ecstatic about every milestone in their student’s progress. A good teacher sees every student’s potential and uses a very personal approach to reveal it. This is the ABC Piano Lessons’ standard and vision for hiring and training teachers!



Our teachers are all University Trained, or have equivalent qualifications and experience (some in progress). To work with us they have to pass an interview with an audition to show expertise in a musical instrument they desire to teach.


In addition to being excellently qualified we make sure that our teachers have experience – bringing depth and creativity to our students’ progress.


All teachers undergo a criminal background check, state ID check, verification of personal and professional references to assure the highest level of trust available.


We seek out teachers who truly love teaching, find it enjoyable and fulfilling, who are committed to our students, not the ones that just want to make some extra money between gigs.