By enrolling in lessons and/or participating in lessons, you agree to the following policies and procedures.


Neither ABC Piano Lessons, nor it’s teachers, accept personal checks or cash. Payments are made on line through our website using PayPal or Bank of America Merchant Services. You can choose to make your payments each month, or set up automatic recurrent monthly payments. You receive a monthly discount if you choose an automatic payment option (see our rates).

Students are charged a flat-rate fee per month. Most months the student receives four (4) lessons; however, some months end up being five (5) lessons, and sometimes, due to holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, the student might only receive three (3) lessons. Our monthly tuition rate reflects the average rate for lessons offered throughout the year.

ABC Piano Lessons does not prorate tuition except for the month in which lessons begin and/or in the most extreme circumstances as decided by the studio owner, i.e. severe illness or death of student or student’s close family member, etc.


Lessons missed due to teacher absence will always be made up.
Lessons missed due to student absences will only be made up if the teacher receives a 48-hour advance notice from the student/parent.  The only exception to the 48-hour cancellation policy is in cases of student illness or extreme emergency.  The definition of an extreme emergency is at the teacher and/or studio owner’s discretion.
Online makeup classes are acceptable if both the students/parents are agreeable to this.


Students pay for lessons on a month to month basis.  To cancel lessons, or to pause lessons for any period of time, students should inform their teacher; however, teachers do not control automatic payments, and cannot be relied on for timely notification of student cancellations.  So, for a student to cancel recurring billing, they must inform ABC Piano Lessons staff by calling and/or texting us at (520) 224-4840, or by sending us an email at:  abcpiano.sv@gmail.com.  To stop recurring payments, ABC Piano Lessons must receive this cancellation notification by the 25th of the month before the next payment is due.  The student remains financially responsible for lessons until they provide the call/text/email cancellation notice as described above.  Again, it is not enough to inform the student’s teacher of intent to quit lessons in order for the recurring monthly payments to be stopped.  Please also be aware there are no refunds for unused lessons due to student cancellations.


ABC Piano will strive very hard to match the appropriate teacher to each student.  That said, we understand that sometimes, for a variety of reasons, it may be in the student’s (or teacher’s) best interest for another teacher to take over lessons.  We handle these requests on a case by case basis, but rest assured, if you have any concern whatsoever with your teacher, we will work to remedy the situation immediately.
ABC Piano Lessons’ teachers are bound by contract to work with you and/or your family only through ABC Piano Lessons. Out of respect for the work of the company and its staff, teachers may not teach former or potential ABC Piano Lessons students on their own.  We ask our students to consider the ethical and legal considerations of the non-compete clause that exists between ABC Piano Lessons and our staff or music teachers.


ABC Piano Lessons staff and management work hard to hire the very best music teachers for our students. Good teachers are NOT easy to come by!  Each teacher represents substantial time and financial investment on the part of ABC Piano Lessons.  Our teachers have signed a legally-binding contract in which they agree they won’t teach your family outside of the relationship with ABC Piano Lessons.
Likewise, we ask our students to treat ABC Piano Lessons with the same ethical considerations.  We ask our students and their families to agree not to retain the services of any ABC Piano Lessons teachers — regardless of subject matter, regardless of the nature of services, and regardless of the location of the services –during their contract with ABC Piano Lessons – for a period of 12 months following the end of their contract with ABC Piano Lessons.


Students will schedule their lesson time with their teacher directly.  Lessons are held on the same day at the same time each week.  We do not offer “every-other-week” lessons or “once a month” lessons.
Lesson time starts within one minute after your teacher arrives at your house. Students should be ready to play at their scheduled time.
Please understand that as traveling teachers, our teachers occasionally run into unexpected traffic holdups and periodically run a couple minutes late or early. Please allow a 5-10 minute time cushion when scheduling your other activities around music lessons


We sincerely believe you will be happy with our teachers and our music program!  If so, please tell your friends and neighbors about us and receive ONE MONTH OF LESSONS FREE!  Your reward comes in the form of a credit equal to monthly tuition for a 30-minute/ week lesson plan.  You will receive this free month of lessons after your referral completes their third month of lessons with us.  The lesson credit is not redeemable for cash or refund. If you refer more than one student at a time, lesson credits will be used toward future months.  Students who discontinue lessons for any period of time will lose any referral credits they have gained.


We are proud of the accomplishments of our ABC Piano Lessons students and enjoy sharing their success(es) with the community at large!  By agreeing to ABC Piano Lessons policies, you give permission for ABC Piano Lessons to:  (1) take photographs and video recordings of your children as they participate in ABC Piano Lessons activities; and (2) use, reuse, modify, publish, and republish those photographs, videos, and any derivative works (“Photos”) in any format or media, including the internet, for purposes related to our mission. Students waive any claims, demands, and liabilities against ABC Piano Lessons for taking and/or using these Photos.  Students understand this release is binding upon them, their children, and any legal representatives, heirs, and/or assigns.
When sharing pictures or videos of your child, we use the first name and city/state in which they take lessons.  We do not share last names, home addresses, or any contact information.
To opt out of ABC Piano Lessons’ Photo/Video release policy, please send a written notification to abcpiano.sv@gmail.com.