Benefits of Taking Music Lessons at Home

At ABC Piano Lessons our teachers come to you to share their skills and talents and make your music experience more enjoyable and convenient! Here are some amazing benefits of in-home lessons.

1. Allows for parents to be more involved: you can be close by and hear the lesson, which will help you understand the music lesson curriculum and follow the student’s progress. You will be able to observe and encourage your child’s new developing skills.

2. Studies have shown that the students retain information better when they are taught in the same environment and on the same instrument that they practice on. They often forget the new concepts learnt in their music class in the studio once they get home. Comfort creates a setting for creativity. Kids feel most comfortable and relaxed at home; this is when they are least afraid to let their creative juices flow.

3. The students will be better prepared for the lessons at home. Coming to the studio they frequently forget to bring their books and notes. This can greatly delay the learning process. At home with all the materials at hand they are ready to make progress. The time saved in travelling to a music class allows kids to warm up and prepare for their music teacher’s arrival. It puts them in their “musical zone” which helps the lesson to go smoothly as the child is more focused after the private warm up session they’ve had.

4. The lessons at home will take less of your time. The drive to the studio could take 15-20 minutes; you may wait there for about 30-60 minutes, and then there is the drive back. All this could take the bulk part of a family’s evening! With our teachers coming to you, you will receive the same educational benefits with less time invested!

5. You will spend less money on lessons. The cost of gas from driving back and forth to a studio, as well as waiting in the car or driving around during the lesson can quickly add up. Extra miles driven on a weekly basis can gradually add to the wear and tear of your vehicle. Lastly, your time is priceless: you could be accomplishing other important tasks at home instead of driving and waiting.