If you want to learn music online, ABC Piano Lessons can bring highly qualified and experienced teachers to you wherever you are for only a fraction of the price of a regular music class! The lessons will be personalized and tailored to your needs.

Online music lessons are becoming more and more popular because there are some great benefits!


Online music lessons are exceptionally convenient. There is no need to deal with the hassle of commuting, sometimes lugging around a heavy instrument, wasting precious time, and possibly dealing with the challenges of bad weather. All you need is your instrument and a computer with the internet connection, and you are ready to learn! Lessons online means no missed lessons due to forgetfulness since the student and teacher can connect 30 seconds after the courtesy call. You are also very unlikely to catch a cold from your teacher (and vice versa!)

A chance to warm up

Students could be warming up at the piano or another instrument up to the very beginning of their class. Piano students are also able to use their own instruments during the lesson. This would allow them to show off their best playing during their session each week.

Students are more concentrated

Recent studies show that students are more focused during the online classes; about 40% less off-task behaviors and 22% more time performing occurs during online classes compared to traditional face-to-face classes.

More affordable

There are several reasons why online lessons can save you money. With traditional lessons you normally have to pay a fee for the school or music room, for your commute, pay your teacher, and possibly pay other fees for the school they work for. With online music lessons you’re able to save money by not commuting and having the lessons at the comfort of your own home.