BC Piano Lessons provides great recital/performance experience for the student. We also arrange master classes with well-known musicians and university professors to help our students further polish their skills, and the instructors to get new perspectives on teaching. We work hard to make these events fun and enjoyable, while still providing a formal and professional expressional experience that helps each student with poise, stage presence, motivation for learning more!

There are some great benefits to playing in front of others! Performing music can help with confidence and self-esteem by challenging a person to conquer their fears and take risks. It directs younger students toward success later on as they learn to be “doers” rather than “observers” in all aspects of life!

Also, one should not discount the immediate benefits of recitals. The students become focused, self-motivated, and results oriented; they listen intently to the teacher and really try to understand the meaning of the teachers’ instructions. The students become deadly serious about eliminating all errors and learning everything correctly — because it is their recital!